micheal alig's bloodfeast meets nancy downs from the craft in this 90's-revivalist zine that centers around four teens whose fate unravels when their eccentric and blood-thirsty leader coerces them into performing a chilling ritualistic sacrifice. follow sachi, juno, frankie and oakley as they navigate not only the perils of adolescence, but the emotional aftermath of revenge sacrifice. serial zine is a three-part series of comics self-published by kc "bloodslushie" that explores mental illness, counter culture, and identity in a subversive fashion.


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book one
"the double oath, or rendezvous"

sachi, the alluring and devious leader of the clique, plots to recruit the new student in school to their coven - which is only one member short from being complete. however, they don't seem so convinced. will oakley change their mind and join the coven? meanwhile, sachi is planning conspiracies...

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book two
"la petite mort"


book three
"fin de siecle"